Case study: Image Annotation Service

We provided image annotation service to our client for thousand images of geographical locations inside a map.

image annotation service example image
this image shows image annotation example. A swimming pool tagged inside a map data.

Client Requirement:

The client wanted to have a data set of annotated images for swimming pools from the map data.

Our Approach:

We provided end to end services to the client. First, we manually searched all the swimming pools in the maps, then took a screenshot of map data at the height details given by client. After that process is done we annotated the images with the swimming pools inside them. 


We provided approx. 1000 images to our client which had swimming pool images annotation done. The client was satisfied with our image annotation services.

Client review :

Very satisfied by the image annotation service provided, Komal took the ownership of the work and did the complete job, even the part which we did not expect them to do. 

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