Image Annotation Outsourcing Services

Image Labeling and Annotation Outsourcing Services

Providing the annotated image data for computer vision platforms allowing machines to detect images and classify the objects in different categorize. We makes data labeling possible for every industries to develop AI-based functional model work properly without any error. You get completer image annotation outsourcing services when you hire us.

image annotation outsourcing

We have wide experience in image annotation outsourcing services. we have worked with numerous projects which require large data and longer work hours.  We understand that accuracy of training your Artificial intelligence software depends on the quality of data you receive. We are committed to provide top quality work for your machine learning projects.

Get the best-in-class quality services with highest accuracy level. We deliver  an excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data.

Your data remains yours only. We maintain strict data policy, each of our staff member is bound with NDA agreement with us. And we permanently delete the data after project is finished.

We can expand the team as per the client requirement, so you can get good turnaround time for your projects. 

We are based in India, so we can provide the required manpower at comparatively cheaper rate, while maintaining the work quality of your image annotation work.

Our Services

We can offer wide variety of services based on your requirements. Here are the services which we offer .

Bounding Box

Outline the objects using bounding boxes for in depth recognition either its humans, cars or other objects on the streets.


Draw the pixelwise boundaries of each object instance or a group of objects based on your requirements.


Lable the feature details in human faces to identify the facial landmarks, expressions or emotions.

Custom Requirement

We are all ears, please let us know if you think that you need anything special tailored to your needs.

You get completer image annotation outsourcing services when you hire us.

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Image annotation is the process of labeling images of a dataset to train a machine learning model. 

Image annotation job is the process of labeling images with meaningful data which can be used to machine learning models.

Yes, it is in best interest to outsource image annotation for economic reasons. You should not utilize time of engineers to annotate images.

Find the best agency that can understand your requirements. Once you and the agency are inline in terms of the work expectations you can expect great result.

You need to share images which you need to label (obviously), apart from that you need to provide all the labels which you expect to label. Also share if you want to use any particular software for this process. Share the expected output files, image labeling software can generate many type of output files like .csv, json so it is in best interest to clarify that upfront. 

KK Analytics is one of the best company for image annotation outsourcing, we provide complete security to client data. After our processing is done we delete it permanently. We have a team of dedicated people who can label thousands of images for you.

Case Studies for Image Annotation Services

We provided thousand images of swimming pools from the map data, for Machine learning model training.