Case study: Sales Lead Generation Outsourcing

Our customer, a big fitness firm based in the USA, wanted to increase their collaboration with other brands and influencers of their reach. We helped them reach their target people through a dedicated sales lead generation team. sales lead generation outsourcing

Client Requirement:

Our client was having launch of a new event and they wanted to create outreach to their target companies (b2b leads) and influencers who would promote their product.

Our Approach:

We managed this enormous task into some small pieces as below

  • Generating list of companies who are in synchronization with our client , we sent them a persuasive mail for our client’s upcoming launch and if they want to collaborate with us.
  • List building of podcasts who focus on fitness and health , we sent them a detailed description mail about our client’s new product launch and see if they want to feature our client representatives as guests on their talk show.
  • Generating a list of influencers on Instagram and YouTube who could create awareness about upcoming product launch.
  • We reached out to potential audience who might be interested in this product by direct DM on Instagram and Email.
  • We created team of 2 dedicated people who would do all the business sales lead generation and emailing.


As part of this sales lead generation outsourcing campaign we did following things

  • Contacted 300 podcasts via email and Instagram DMs.
  • Found business contact of 300 companies who have product that could be cross sold with client’s products.
  •  Found out approx. 400 Instagram influencers who could promote client’s fitness products.
  • Found out 600 profiles on Instagram who could be potential clients and contacted them one by one via DMs and post comments. 

Client review :

Excellent work on Sales lead generation part! Delivered exactly as promised, very accurate and on time.

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