Case study: Local Lead Generation

Our customer, a web development agency located in NJ, USA- wanted to have a contact details of all the local businesses according to their specification. We helped them in Local Lead generation process.

Client Requirement:

Our client wanted to reach out to all the local businesses and check they can sell services. Our client had made a website idea that could be suitable for small businesses who want to target local businesses.

Our Approach:

We had a thorough discussion with our client about their offerings. We discussed and understood their requirements about the business which they wanted to approach.


We created a list of a total of 300 local small business leads. We checked their website content and made sure that they met the requirements. We gathered their phone number, social media, email, website, and distance from our client location.

When done right, generating leads is one of the most efficient and successful ways to generate revenue. The initial work may be laborious and tedious, but we are here to help you with this. There’s no reason why local businesses should stay behind in this regard. Make sure to visit our services to check out how we can help you with all your lead generation requirements…

Client review :

Very good and thorough work for a tough assignment! We would highly recommend Komal and team. We will surely continue to use the services.

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