Case study: B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing

Our customer, an import export business based in UK constantly needs b2b lead generation outsourcing services.

Client Requirement:

The client is an import-export business, they regularly enter a new market with new products. They need to contact many businesses such as manufacturers, shipping companies, and import-export partners of other countries. They need to contact the new business on regular basis.

Our Approach:

We work with this b2b lead generation work with utmost attention to detail. We gather all the requirements upfront from our client. After the requirements about product and country are received. we start the link building (lead generation) part. We start by searching the web-based on multiple criteria. We look at the government’s list of exporters. 

After the lead generation is done, we draft a persuasive email about the client’s requirements. After the approval of the client, we send it to all the leads. 

Once we receive a response from the leads, the leads are converted from cold to hot, thus we only transfer the hot leads – who are ready to do business, to our client. 

This process saves a lot of time for our clients.


We look for hundreds of prospective b2b leads, initiate conversations with them, And only transfer the leads who are ready to do business with us. This b2b lead generation outsourcing service saves a lot of time for our import-export customer

Client review :

Komal and team never fails to amaze me, they found so many chocolate manufacturers according to our requirements, now we have enough bargain power.

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