Fitness Industry / Fitness Coach Back end data work

We at KK Analytics, provide complete fitness-related backed services. We know that when you run a fitness website or a coaching business you have a lot of data work in the back-end. We want you to focus on your business and your clients; not the data entry and maintenance-related work.

When you work with us we handle almost all the non-core work related to your business so you can focus on the important part.

What services do we provide?

We provide all the data management and social media, marketing and outreach services you need for your fitness coaching business.

  • We provide complete data entry services related to member information
  • We do outreach of any upcoming event or challenge which you would be organizing
  • We manage and maintain your social media pages, to maintain your presence.
  • If you have a thriving community on social media, we provide community management and moderation services.
  • If you want to find out influencers who can promote your coaching business, we can search for them and contact on your behalf.
  • If you want to organize any challenge or event with your audience we can help in finding out appropriate partners or sponsor for you.
  • We maintain your mailing list, and create email outreach to everyone when you want to send something awesome to them.
  • We manage content on your website and blogs.
You got the point we do almost all the non coaching work you need!!! You are the coach and you will remain one. Pass on other burden to us. We can even do customization as per your requirements.

Do we have experience of this work?

Yes, we have worked with WBFF Pros to do all the things mentioned above.

Can we handle projects at large scale?

Yes, we have a highly focused team and we have handled several large-scale projects already. We use appropriate technology and manpower combination to achieve maximum efficiency of the work. We respect your deadlines.

In one of the project, we found out and contacted 12,000 people one by one. Yes, we can handle work at a large scale. 

How is the pricing?

We are based in India, so naturally, the price is dirt cheap compared to all others. We charge a flat hourly rate for whatever work you assign to us, with no complications.

You should be doing this

Not this

fitness trainer entering data on computer

We are eager to support you in growing your business.