Case study: Competitor Audience Persona Analysis

Our customer, a startup in creative field, wanted to do Competitor Analysis.

facebook competitor analysis case study

Client Requirement:

The client wanted to have a complete analysis of the competition including demographics, products, and advertisements.

Our Approach:

We divided the work into some key objectives and identified the tasks which would fulfill all the objectives.

  •  Demographics analysis: We analyzed all the members of the competitors’ Facebook page. The group had 2000 people that mean they all are active buyers from competitor stores. We tagged each person with many attributes like —  Name, Age, Gender, Activity in general, Activity in competitor page, Job profile, Family members, Marital status, Number of children, Age of children, Interests, etc.  After entering all the user data (all 2000 of them) with all the attributes in excel,  we were able to see clear trends of the active buyer persona. And we were able to create a perfect buyer persona for our client. We even studied if any of the buyers had complained about competitors’ products.
  • Product analysis: We scraped our competitor’s web store using Python and selenium to extract details of all the products. We gathered all the data in excel sheet form. We gathered all data related to products like — Name, Description, Current offers, Price, Price with discounts (if any), Image of product, review from the buyers, star ratings. Using this data analysis, we found out most selling products and products with good customer satisfaction.
  • Advertisement analysis: We analyzed all the active advertisements of our competitors on Facebook. By combining this data with the product analysis data we were able to identify what were the most profitable and most selling products of competitors. With this insight and user persona, we devised a Facebook ad target plan that can target a similar audience.


We analyzed the Facebook profiles of 2000 people manually to find out competitors’ audiences. we targeted them with similar products at a competitive rate.

Client review :

Very flexible team who could work as per our requirements and understand our concern… Excellent and on time delivery

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