Case study: Clothing Brand Instagram account Management

Our customer, a sports and fitness brand located in New York city, hired us for their Instagram account management to increase community engagement and their brand awareness.

Client Requirement:

Our client wanted to keep their page lively and engage their audience.  Customers wanted to paste all the community member’s photos on their Instagram page, to show the diversity of their audience and their reach.

Our Approach:

  • We started by collecting all the profiles who were uploading photos while wearing our client’s clothing brand. 
  • We contacted them to check if we could use their photos on our Instagram account.
  • We collected and created a database of all the images by person name.
  • We posted all the different images of 100s of people on our client’s Instagram account. We also made sure to follow the “only one image per person” rule to show diversity on the Instagram account. 


We manually searched thousands of profiles on Instagram who use our client’s clothing brand and created a campaign by using their image on the client’s Instagram page. In that way, we were able to demonstrate the brand reach and customer base to new customers and other investors. 

Client review :

Very impressed by the Instagram account management services provided by Komal and team. Now we have an instagram page which we can show to our investors and potential collaborators.

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