Case Study : Bookkeeping Outsource

Our Client, a big real estate agent in located in NYC, asked us for Bank account data entry for all of his account in excel sheet so he can analyze and reconcile the data properly.

We worked with our client’s accounting team to collect all the bank account statements, decide proper format of the expected outcome and create several categories in which each transaction would fall.

Our client had 16 different companies in his name, 10+ credit cards, 6+ personal accounts and family trust accounts. 

We followed the below mentioned steps in the task:

  1. Collect all the account statements.
  2. Collaborate with accounting team to understand the final structure of excel sheet and get clarity on expected outcome.
  3. Enter multiple years statement for each account with proper comments and notes. 
  4. Crete Categories for transactions
  5. Hold regular meeting with the accounting team to understand the categorization of each transaction.
  6. Categorize each transaction
  7. Reconcile the account month on month basis.

By this process and after few month work we were able to sort out and reconcile all the transactions.

At the end of the work the file contained more than 2 million data points.

Our services include

But that is not all, We provide bank account data entry and bookkeeping services to the companies and individuals. Our services include bank statement data entry, bank deposit data entry, bank payment data entry, customer data entry, online bookkeeping and many more. 

We do accounting work for all types of businesses including construction accounting, retail accounting and many other businesses.

Our team is having experience in QuickBooks and Excel. And we are able to adapt to your choice of software too.

Bank Account Data entry service is a managed Komal who is has MBA-Finance and having 5 years of experience. We provide bank account data entry and bookkeeping services for individuals, companies and small businesses. Drop us a mail to know more about our services.

When accounting is not your main business activity, but because of it you are not able to put efforts on your core business activity. You always forget to update your transactions.

  • We have experience of this work.
  • We have done complex bookkeeping projects.
  • We can work with your accounting team and change the process as per their requirements.
  • We have a flexible team, so if you need to add more manpower to the project as we move forward, it is very well possible.

We charge hourly rate $10 per hour for any bookkeeping work. You can avail our service once a month or regularly it is up to you. Your transaction complexity and number of transactions will decide the total cost.
A key benefit of Outsourcing with us is it gives you the ability to customize billing based on your bookkeeping needs.